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Chandni , Chaina Top

chandni Due to its simple growth habits, this well-known plant can be grown indoors and is a fantastic option for novice plant parents (just bear in mind that it is toxic to pets like dogs and cats) .1 It has narrow, lanceolate leaves with parallel veins that alternate between dark green and emerald coloration. These leaves are arranged in whorls and are gradually losing their colour to show an intriguingly patterned stem. Although this broadleaf evergreen can reach heights of 12 to 20 feet in the open, it can also thrive indoors. Your requirements will be met in either

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The plants look round bushes that are bluish green to gray in colour plants can grow 3-4 ft tall.

thin round form comes from many thin branches that spread widely from each main stem.

chandni   is a resilient, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and air-purifying home plant. This tough ornamental house plant is indigenous to Madagascar, Mauritius, and other Indian Ocean countries.

Chandni requires clear, bright lighting. Unfortunately, direct, hot sunlight will burn the foliage, and dim lighting will cause the plant to become spindly and lose its vibrant yellow-lime stripes. A possibility is a gentle early sun. Plant in dirt that drains quickly to avoid root rot or fertiliser runoff. In the spring and summer, The Song of India needs to be fertilised with a water-soluble fertiliser called 10-10-10 that has been reduced by half. In the cold, no feeding is required.

Similar to many other plants in the Dracaena family, chandni is renowned for its simple growing characteristics. Maintaining equilibrium in this species' care is essential to maintaining its health: Allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings and give it consistent temps for growth (between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit).

The plant's tolerance for low water levels is primarily responsible for its ease of maintenance. While your Song of India can endure dry spells, it is best to provide moist soil with good ventilation so that your plant can take in the nutrients it requires.

Light  needs at least four hours of direct, bright sunshine each day. With these, the colour of your plant's leaves will become more vibrant.

there hight was grow 3-4 ft  much branched with narrow bluish green leaves. baby breath is a perennial that reproduces  by seed only.

The plant usually grows to a height of 1.5–1.8 metres and has dichotomously branched stems. (5–6 feet).

The broad, lustrous leaves are deep green in hue and measure approximately 15 cm (6 in) in length and 5 cm (2 in) in width.

The waxy flowers are arranged in small clusters at the stem tips.

Both the single-flowered and double-flowered varieties are cultivated, and both have white flowers.

The Togor plant blooms in the spring, but rarely flowers are visible all year.

The Togor flower's blossoms have a lovely fragrance.

Chandni blossoms adore the sun. In circumstances with full sun or some shade, they do very well.

They will, however, develop stuntedly in total shade. They appreciate 6-7 hours of intense sunlight.

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